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Finding a New Home

Anyone who has brought home a new dog knows how exciting it can be - and even more so with a rescue dog. These dogs are thirsting for a stable home and compasionate love. And they have plenty of love to give back!

We would like to share some of these stories with you.


Meet Charlie

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Charlie actually went through the Rescue process with us twice. We got him from a local home that couldn't care for him any longer and placed him with a great lady and her daughter. They did a lot of good for him and helped Charlie with some fears of stairs and got him out walking and loosing weight. It was sad that he wasn't able to stay in this home for various reasons, but the then-mom recognized that Charlie needed and deserved more. It was great of her to be putting the dog first!

So Charlie went into foster care with a fantastic foster family where he became the 2nd Newf in the house. They worked through more of Charlie's issues - including his weight. They got him into great shape! Took some time to find a home that we felt would be a good fit for Charlie, but that is the goal of Rescue - get the dogs into the right home so that they have a good, happy place to live out the rest of their life.


Meet Shaq / Rugby

Shaq / Rugby

Shaq came into SoCal Rescue with a lot of health issues. It was assumed that he would be a permanent foster due to this health problems, but in the end he found a great home (and a new name - Rugby) in a very loving home with three other giant breed rescues! All reports are that he is doing great!
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Meet Rinncon


At just over a year, Rinncon is a rambunctious, full of energy, full-throttle Newf. She will never be a couch-potato, which isn't to say she doesn't like to hang out with people. Her idea of the perfect day is a car ride followed by a run on the beach and in the surf, another car ride, lots of training to keep her active mind engaged, more time in the car and an afternoon of heavy playing with another dog. She needs to be active everyday. Think of her as a Newf with an inner-border collie soul! She comes with some additional emotional baggage due to the tragic loss of her owner. This dog needs a family with no cats and no small children and intensive obedience work, as well as activity, activity and more activity. She needs to fall asleep exhausted each night.
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Meet Sasha

Sasha (on the right) with her friends.

Sasha was a man-shy girl with a love of other dogs. She loved to play chase-me with the other Newfs, but found it very difficult to trust people. She loved to ride in the car, and it was often difficult to get her to come out. With intensive work, she learned to deal with her fear of men, but still continues to have some trepidation towards them. She now resides with some of her cousins in Nevada, happy, healthy and with lots of dogs to play with and not too many men to deal with!
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